Community volunteering and matched funding

There are lots of ways you can find out about projects in your local community that need your help. We have listed some ideas and links below that could help you with your search - both for Community Involvement Days and our foundation for matched funding (once you've raised money).

Community volunteering days

All Amey employees are entitled to take one paid day per year to work on a project in the local community, run by a not-for-profit organisation or charity which supports an environmental, educational or employment aim.

You will need to speak to your people manager in the first instance, in order to coordinate with other work related responsibilities. You will need to:

  • Complete a ‘Community Involvement Checklist’ (AMEY-SV-VOLUNTEERING-FO-01) and then provide this to an appropriate manager for approval
  • Register your CID via HR Self Service - in the same way as an annual leave request (there is a ‘Volunteering Day’ option).

Wherever possible, requests for CIDs should not conflict with any peak work schedule, other work related responsibilities or cause conflicts with other employees’ schedules.

Volunteer ideas...

  • Enthusiastic about Science, Technology, Engineering or Maths – use your day to inspire the next generation, and become a STEM Ambassador
  • Work with Amey’s Charity Partners including; The Duke of Edinburgh Award, SSAFA – the armed forces charity, Cancer Research UK or Trussell Trust – the foodbank network. Contact to find out more
  • Visit or contact your local community centre, library or council offices who often have information about local projects that require volunteers
  • Ask your colleagues if they are involved with local charities that may need your help.
  • Use the internet – click on the links below:

There are many organisations that are in need of support as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. While the most important ask for the public remains to stay at home and follow the essential public health guidance, people who are healthy and not at risk can volunteer to provide practical or emotional help to those most in need.

Before volunteering you should always consider whether there are local restrictions in place in your area. If you live, work or volunteer in an area that is experiencing a local COVID-19 outbreak and where local restrictions have been imposed, different guidance and legislation will apply.

Please follow the following link for further guidance

Amey matched funding foundation

If you are taking part in an event to raise money for a registered charity, you can apply for additional sponsorship from Amey. Your application will be reviewed within a month and you could receive extra money towards the funds you raise.

The maximum funding you can apply for is up to £100 per person. You can make one application each year.

Once you’ve taken part in the event, the Communications Team would love to hear your story, which might make a good article for AmeyWorld or HUB. If you would like to share your experience and encourage others to do likewise, email

Application form

Applications must be made using the online Amey Foundation Application Form. You can also complete the form on behalf of a colleague or member of your team if they do not have online access.

Foundation rules

  1. We want to give you the best opportunity to get funding for the charity of your choice, but applications will need to comply with the following criteria:
  2. Application must be made by, or on behalf of, employees still currently working for Amey.
  3. The event must have taken place within the previous three months prior to your application.
  4. You can make one application per year.
  5. It is open to full and part-time permanent employees.
  6. Your chosen organisation must be a charity.
  7. Your charity must be registered in the UK, or the country in which you are working for Amey (e.g. Qatar or Australia).

How to apply

Applications must be made using the online Amey Foundation Application Form after the funds have been raised and the employee/s have obtained a receipt from the charity of their donation (or can prove this via the Just Giving website).

Completing this online application will automatically submit your request for charity fundraising support to the Amey Foundation. Your application then be considered in the next monthly review.

Here are some frequently asked questions about this topic:

1. Can my account/office/depot/team apply for charity fundraising support?

Yes, a group of employees who are carrying out a fundraising activity can apply to the Amey Foundation for funding. This can be your team or your whole office or depot.

2. Can I apply to the Amey Foundation more than once?

Employees can apply once a year.

3. My event has not yet happened, can I still apply?

No. Please only apply after your event has taken place and you have proof that you took part in that event and have a bank receipt, charity acknowledgement receipt, or a Just Giving fundraising page as proof of the amount raised.

4. How will I know if my application has been approved?

All successful applications for charity fundraising support will receive a response from the Social Value Team. Applications will be reviewed monthly, so it may be a few weeks before you receive a response depending on when you submit your application. You will also be sent further instructions on how you will receive the payment.

5. I want to tell my fundraising story – who should I contact?

Please send your story, with a photo if possible, to Stories may be published on AmeyWorld or in HUB. Click here to contact the Communications Team with your story.

6. Who do I contact if I have a question about the Foundation?

If you haven’t managed to find your answer on this page and you still need help please contact the Social Value Team.