a*stars awards 2020 - our winners and finalists

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Announcing our 2020 a*stars awards winners!  

Our a*stars awards event on 17th December was a wonderful celebration of the ways our people have gone above and beyond to deliver for their teams, business, customers and sometimes even complete strangers! 

Hosted by our CEO, Amanda Fisher, and Executive team, we celebrated our 29 finalists and announced the Highly Commended and Winning employees in each category. You can watch the ceremony again here: https://amey.events/AStars2020/ 

See how all out finalists did below, including an extra Courage category to celebrate a couple of our finalists separately. 


Winner: Recbecca Powers

Finalists: Kay Stanton and Selina James, Jaqueline Woodman & Santosh Pandey



Winner: Sarah Gaughran

Highly Commended: Carl Shadrake

Finalists: Heather Ritchie, & Jake Brown



Winner: Peter Hadley

Highly Commended: Rebecca King

Finalists: Terrance Andrews, Peter Hamilton


People Manger of the Year

Winner: Tia Bailey

Highly Commended: Katie Trotman

Finalists: Neil Hearsum & Wayne Iliffe


Personal Pride in our Public Service

Winner: Jane Reid

Highly Commended: Irene Cooper

Finalists: Charlotte Lane & Karen Homer



Winner: Jamie Forsyth

Highly Commended: Jaime Fletcher

Finalists: Vanessa Brookfield & Karen Davies


Springboard Business Improvement

Winner: Richard Finel

Highly Commended: Antonio Cendan-Teijeiro

Finalists: Nick Rees & Danny Mahmood



Winner: Terence Andrews & Karen Davies


CEO Award

Winners: Selby Management Team


People's Choice

Winner: Terence Andrews


For further information on all our finalists please see below

Empower - Winner

Rebecca Powers

(Watch her video here)

Rebecca is a cleaning supervisor at one of 11 sites on our account. Rebecca often exceeds the expectation of her job by going over and above and stretching herself above her dedicated site. Earlier this year, Rebecca heard that there were some challenges at another site around cleaning standards, team and customer relationships. She approached us as an SMT and volunteered herself to invest time and effort into improving said problems on site.

It is evident that the site has improved dramatically following newly implemented staffing rotas, frequent meetings with customers to monitor progression, team engagement to ensure cleaning standards and staff morale is maintained and finally, escalation of any issues raised to ensure they are resolved. Cleaning standards, reputational status and customer/employee relations have been maintained to a high standard on her original site throughout. Her commitment to Amey and her team through the pandemic has been exceptional. Recognition of her efforts has led to her promotion to premises manager on a secondment basis.

Empower - Finalists 

Kay Stanton and Selina James

(Watch their video here)

Overnight, in response to Covid-19, bid teams drawn from across Amey had to start working virtually whilst remaining collaborative and creative, and without impacting tight timelines for delivering complex bids already underway.

This rapid transformation was led by Selina and Kay, who went above and beyond to mobilise virtual working quickly, and support all teams to work effectively, efficiently and independently - including:

  • Participating overnight in US-led Microsoft training to understand how to maximise Teams, and pushing our use of technology, eg developing auto-updating progress trackers and finding creative ways to facilitate collaborative workshops
  • Creating and delivering briefing and training to the teams, and actively promoting the take up of technology
  • Tenaciously resolving issues caused by the secure network, varying homeworking capabilities and varying technology skills, to ensure nobody was disadvantaged
  • Making sure everybody felt engaged by providing one to one support and communicating in multiple ways
  • Making it easy for people to be independent, by replicating the physical office online, including deliverables trackers, whiteboards, online planning and polls; to make processes clear, simple and familiar

The working practices that Kay and Selina developed and implemented have proved so effective they are now our template for future working.

Jaqueline Woodman

(Watch her video here)

I have worked for Amey for 12 years but only have worked alongside Jacqui for the last 10 months. In this time she has guided me to become a more confident person to help develop my role within the business. Jacqui shows great interest in her teams as we are going through hard times with Covid-19.

She has set her six schools up on teams so we can keep in contact and share ideas and even have banter. Jacqui empowers us all, allowing us all to develop and grow confidence, clearly demonstrating what is asked of us. She is honest and a great listener and mentor and helps you improve your sense of self awareness. Recently, I had the pleasure of meeting Andy Voase on a site visit to my school. At first I was nervous, but Jacqui was by my side the whole time allowing me to be a professional when answering any questions by believing in me. She made me feel empowered and good about myself.

Santosh Pandey

(Watch his video here)

In 200 words it’s hard to sum up just how special Santosh is to Amey and his colleagues. Without fail he always goes above and beyond to help not only his own team but all of his colleagues, customers and the business. He works tirelessly to ensure all his team have the know-how on how to undertake work and always strives to help when people are in need of improvement.

Rather than just critical feedback, he will always take time to explain issues with a member of staff and mentor them until they understand. He actively encourages all of the team to feel engaged and goes above and beyond to ensure the wellbeing of the team is paramount. He has built excellent relationships with all and this is down to him being an approachable, friendly person and extremely caring toward others.

Engage - Winner

Sarah Gaughran

(Watch her video here)

Sarah works diligently to help Amey staff feel secure and engaged on our contract. She creates a calm working environment, always has a smile on her face and empowers colleagues to actively take part in health and wellbeing activities. She organised an online Teams catch up during lockdown, which was welcomed by all, we ended up doing a weekly quiz which helped people’s mental health to not feel alone while working from home.

Sarah encourages exercises with us at our desks, she has taken part in Walking for the DofE Awards, organises collecting for food banks and the Trussell Trust every year. Sarah also assisted a member of staff to call the Assistance Programme which ended up in some counselling sessions which helped the employee to feel in control and secure when things were very much falling apart for them. Sarah’s involvement on our contract and being part of the team is very much valued. She has kept this momentum going all the way through the year, and with lockdown this has meant a lot to people creating a culture of trust, worthiness and a place where staff love to work.


Engage - Highly Commended

Carl Shadrake

(Watch his video here)

Carl is a true star. He is a skilled PM and highly regarded by both client and customer. He learned the business from highly successful tenures; firstly as Delivery Manager at RAF Benson and later the high profile role as Delivery Manager at Sandhurst. Professional, competent and highly collaborative, Carl gets the job done! On top of that his support to service charities has been simply outstanding. He is an ambassador for Help for Heroes. Having been the beneficiary of the support they provide when injured on operations in Afghanistan and medically discharged from the Army he has worked tirelessly to promote and strengthen the charity.

He has equally supported the Amey charity SSAFA. Most notable has been his epic 100 half marathons in 100 consecutive days. To top it all he completed his last half marathon by running up mount Snowdon in order to “finish on a high!” If that wasn’t enough Carl also supported a Buildforce event by sharing his experience of transition from the Army to the construction and FM sector with current service leavers. By his actions Carl has done much to enhance the reputation of Amey, a first class ambassador and worthy of recognition.

Engage - Finalists

Jake Brown

Jake is the driving force behind the Social Value activities in the team. From setting up collections of good quality clothing and food to getting arrangements ready for the team to work at the Black Country Living Museum. Latest initiatives he is trying to get moving are finding opportunities for prison leavers and work experience for school pupils.

Couple this with his exceptional work on finding and making solutions to help the team work better with his amazing (are they the dark arts?) Excel data skills. Making shortcuts on tedious activities for reporting - such as for Close Call reporting and National Performance Metrics - even getting Network Rail's end of the process working better. He must have saved hundreds, if not thousands of hours of work. And all with good humour and enthusiasm.

Heather Ritchie

On a local level on the contract, Heather champions diversity and goes above and beyond to make a diverse range of people feel engaged and included. Heather is autistic and therefore understands on a personal basis the importance of Neurodiversity when discussing inclusion within the workplace. She took the initiative to bring this up with the inclusion team as it was an area of inclusion not greatly represented previously. She created a neurodiversity page for Amey on Yammer and was a strong voice during inclusion week, taking part in interviews which were used to support it.

I feel that Heather has contributed to creating a great, inclusive and diverse culture on a local level and with her work with the inclusion team, her impact can also be felt throughout Amey.

Excel - Winner

Peter Hadley


Peter has been with us since 2018 working in Trafford. Working closely with Trafford Council when the lockdown occurred, Pete went straight to task in discussing with the client and our Amey colleagues about how we could help. Straight away he was driving across Manchester, identifying traffic management layouts for testing centres, morgues, HWRC's and social distancing measures that needed to be installed as soon as possible. This has included a major project to install TM across the A56 - a major road into Manchester to allow social distancing for cyclists. The client has welcomed our direction and advice throughout, and the contract has recently received funding to make permanent changes to the A56 in response to the increase in walking and cycling through COVID-19. All of these requests have been very urgent and last minute, many in response to the changes caused by COVID-19, but Pete and his team has delivered to a high standard and the Director of Highways for Trafford Council has been very complimentary, even on social media.

Peter’s commitment along with his team has allowed all of these schemes to be delivered safely and promptly. Pete on top of this like many people in our business, had a partner who worked in the care sector, identified as a key worker and two small children who required home schooling. This workload, like many of our colleagues in Amey wasn't expected or anticipated but Pete not only planned and delivered it, he took it all in his stride and never once complained.

Excel - Highly Commended

Rebecca King

(Watch her video here)

Rebecca is a high performing assistant engineer in the Sheffield Hub, and a receiver of the ICE Yorkshire and Humber Emerging Engineer of the year prestigious award. She is already been working on the most complex projects in the Hub and performing to a level high above expectations and grade. She acts as depute to the Structures Design Lead on the second Highways England (HE) Delivery Integration Partnership (DIP) contract where Amey works with SRM as JV - a new bridge over the M56 motorway.

Working extremely hard, she has developed a high level of technical competence and engineering maturity and she displays an exemplary performance every day. She has led the 2019 Amey Challenge Cup for the Women In Engineering day, where under-privileged girls from local schools are invited to come into the office and take part in an Apprentice style challenge. The feedback received from the college was heart-warming (the best score received in South Yorkshire) and a testament to Rebecca's dedication and performance.

Excel - Finalists

Peter Hamilton

Peter has created an astounding Power BI Dashboard that pulls together vast quantities of data to help us manage our crews. This Crew Dashboard has gone down extremely well with Severn Trent who are using it to reward crews for exceptional performance and coach those who aren't quite there yet. The Dashboard exceeds Severn Trent expectations and facilitates the improvement of our staff and suppliers. In order to produce it Peter has been working until 1am and starting work at 5am some days, and he hit every single milestone in the project. Even when Severn Trent brought the project deadline forward by two weeks, Peter's planning and honest communication meant that he achieved the new deadline and we were always comfortable that he would do so. He is an outstanding asset to the business, and I am glad to have him in my team!

Terence Andrews 

(Watch his video here)

Terry saved a member of public's life on site after they had a massive heart attack. Terry's quick response with lifesaving first aid and teamwork lead to the person making a full recovery. Terry was nothing but outstanding. The paramedics returned later on in the day to congratulate Terry and his team for how well they coped under the pressure. Not only did he save a person's life but he also brought the person back to life multiple times during the wait for the ambulance to arrive.

People Manager of the Year - Winner

Tia Bailey

(Watch her video here)

Since the first day Tia joined our Customer Service team we’ve been so impressed by how she demonstrates resilience and really cares for not only customers but her team.

Over the past 5 months Tia has absolutely transformed the Nights service, which she manages, leading the team to move from being our worst performing team to one of the best, exceeding all expectations and service levels. Tia has done this by becoming truly empowered herself, and truly empowering her team. Never a chance for complacency, Tia is also now playing a key role in embracing our digital transformation and helping other teams to become more efficient.

Sadly, a member of the Nights team, Brian, recently passed away unexpectedly. Brian was due in for his shift but didn’t call to check in. Tia, suspecting something was wrong went to Brian’s house to check on him. She called for emergency services and stayed on the scene to assist. Brian lived alone, with his family over 100 miles away. Tia has been a rock, helping both Brian’s family and his colleagues to process his untimely passing, and helping us all to talk and to remember Brian.

Tia’s involvement has given the family reassurance that their loved one was very much cared for by his Amey family.

People Manager of the Year - Highly Commended

Katie Trotman

(Watch her video here)

Katie takes people management to a level I haven’t seen before, not only acting as a role model to her team and others, but as a mentor too. Examples of this include when employees on the account were undertaking IOSH training, Katie orchestrated workshops across the contract (not just for her own team) to ensure learning is reinforced and to allow staff to revise together for the IOSH test. She is supportive to staff, encouraging training and yet empathetic towards individual needs, understanding that her team are all different.

Not only does Katie consistently implement Amey policies, but further still, upon seeing others were struggling with HR issues, designed HR templates to support other people managers in how to write questions for disciplinaries and common things to look out for. In her 20th year of working for Amey on the MoD contract (and having experience in almost all departments!) she is constantly used as a sounding-board by other managers on the contract and is seen as a competent and conscientious safe pair of hands by the senior management team. Finally, Katie not only strives for the best in her department’s service delivery but also from herself, completing the IWFM Level 4 Certificate in her spare time and attending evening classes to attain this. I feel very lucky to have her in my team!

People Manager of the Year - Finalists

Neil Hearsum

(watch his video here - with guest appearance from Loopy the dog!)

Neil’s approach to management is one that is fair and reasonable and has earned him great respect from his team. His flexibility, so that everyone can maintain a work-life balance, and focus on developing his team’s skills, enabling them to progress in their careers, has allowed them the freedom to perform to the best of their abilities. Despite a challenging year, which has not only seen Neil negotiate the impact of remote working on his team due to Covid-19, but also face the prospect of TUPE out of Amey, he has remained positive and calm in his approach.

The loyalty of the team to Neil throughout these challenges should speak volumes for his leadership and character and has meant that we were successfully able to retain the majority of the team and their specialist engineering skills. Neil’s own loyalty to his team has seen him manage them through this period of change and continue his team engagement as they merge with another. His positivity regarding the new opportunities this change will bring, especially for knowledge sharing and development, will be a benefit to all.

Wayne Iliffe

Although Wayne is not my People Manager, his willingness to help and empower me to become a confident People Manager myself shouldn’t go unnoticed. Not only is he knowledgeable in his own remit, often going above and beyond to help his team members and colleagues; contractors; and our client with a range of issues, he is a logical problem solver, offering helpful advice and keeping people informed and connected. As a result, he has created a confident, dedicated and respectful team – that can also be comfortable and have fun with each other too. Wayne has enabled me to excel, helping me to enjoy being a People Manager; encouraging me to embrace the role and gain the respect of the whole team so that we can work better together. He is a true credit to Amey, who will surely benefit with more managers like Wayne.

Personal Pride in our Public Service - Winner

Jane Reid

(Watch her video here)

In the last 12 months, Jane has led the team through unprecedented demands, including helping 15,000 service families move home, taking critical action to ensure families were repatriated from abroad into their new homes, with just 48 hours’ notice, collaborating with stakeholders and our client to rearrange 3500 appointments and ensure changes to rebasing activity were delivered against. In addition, she led the team to exceed all KPIs and met the promise to provide regular quarantine updates for our customers. Despite a challenging year, Jane’s team were still able to achieve their highest scores in their Happiness Survey (August 2020), as she continued to prioritise the wellbeing of her people, supporting the team through remote working.

On her leadership and commitment, Mandie Thorpe, from the DIO, said “Jane’s actions and direction have undoubtedly ensured continuity of service provision and helped to enhance DIO and Amey reputationally. Her management of a fast-paced, ever-changing project; desire and passion to deliver good service and vast collaboration skills, is to be commended.”
Jane delivers from her heart, always with a smile and with exceptional pride in delivering for Amey, our client and customers, and deserved to be recognised for this award.

Personal Pride in our Public Service - Highly Commended

Irene Cooper

Irene leads the team at Goodtrees Neighbourhood centre, based in Edinburgh, at the heart of the community. When the country was put into lockdown, due to Covid-19, in March, the public could no longer gain access to the centre, forcing the centre’s Youth Work Team to relocate to a nearby church building. Throughout the lockdown period, and despite these challenges, the team have been delivering thousands of meals to vulnerable members of the local community. Irene has been integral to this, overseeing the safety and security of the community, which has been instrumental in supporting the team with their essential food deliveries.

Irene’s role included identifying the members of the community that were most in need of the centre’s help and volunteering to put together food parcels, even when she was on annual leave. She dedicated many weekends and evenings to support the team and ensure everyone was cared for. The team continues to deliver food parcels now that the team are back in the community centre, with Irene yet again going above and beyond her day job. She has been instrumental in supporting the team and ensuring the work is undertaken safely, always adhering to COVID-19 safety procedures. A true ‘team-player’, Irene is an inspiration to work with. Not only does she take personal pride in her work but she goes over and above for her community and deserves to be recognised for this award.

Personal Pride in our Public Service - Finalists

Karen Homer

For the past 5 years, Karen has managed Amey Defence Services' campaign to raise £250,000 for SSAFA, The Armed Forces charity. And this year, the they hit the target with even more money still to be raised. Karen has inspired our people to commit to a vast range of fundraising activities – such as sponsorship, sales, Big Brews, and much more.

Even more importantly, she has built strong relationships with our suppliers and encouraged and facilitated them to engage and get involved. Karen’s hard work on this campaign has enormously enhanced Amey’s reputation with our MOD client and our competitors, at very little actual cost to us as a business. She is an outstanding example of someone who demonstrates Personal Pride in Public Service.

Charlotte Lane

(Watch her video here)

Across the many Amey contracts there cannot be more high profile or politically sensitive sites than of those in Central London which are managed by Charlotte Lane - Amey Site Manager. Charlotte was instrumental to Wellington Barracks being awarded the Army Certificate for the Unit that had made the most significant contribution to Army Safety. She arranged for the lighting up of Parade Square to reflect the multi-colours of the Annual Pride London Event, amongst other important work. Since then, she has been key to delivering a variety of last-minute, high-profile requests.

Charlotte implemented enabling works to prepare the Horse Guards Parade, ensuring the smooth-running of the BBC televised broadcast of the VJ75 Celebrations; and project managed the installations of 5000 plus seating arrangements for the Queen’s Birthday Parade, televised and attended by thousands of people – including HRH The Queen and The Royal Family. Her ability to deliver the impossible and get the job done safely, timely and within budget has been widely recognised.

She has established professional and collaborative relationships and delivered an excellent service in challenging circumstances, often on complex projects. Dedicated to keeping the estate running and supporting the customer, particularly through this difficult period due to COVID-19, Charlotte is a true a*star!

Safety - Winner

Jamie Forsyth

Jamie has consistently supported the Wellbeing Programme of both his contract and the wider business, using his own time to prepare and deliver thought-provoking and supportive ideas on the many aspects of mental health and wellbeing. A true champion of wellbeing within the business, especially throughout the Covid-19 pandemic and the challenges it has presented, Jamie’s significant contribution to safety and welfare deserves to be recognised.

Safety - Highly Commended

Jamie Fletcher

As a mental health first aider, Jamie has embraced the ‘Ten For Ten’ initiative – to contact ten employees for ten minutes each week. Through this scheme, he has identified colleagues who have been suffering from severe depression, intervened when necessary and guided them to support, help and medical assistance. These interactions have been potentially lifesaving.


Safety - Finalists

Vanessa Brookfield

This year, Vanessa moved to a different area of work, quickly demonstrating her ability to adapt to changing situations and still ensure that her new site was paramount. From day one of the scheme, Vanessa engaged with the HSEQ team to ensure their works were not going to affect the customers and colleagues on the ground. Her bold decisions regarding safety and the environment, led her works to be one of our client’s safest sites – even earning a nomination for the client's internal safety award.




Karen Davies

(Watch her video here)

At 06.30am one morning, Karen noticed a cyclist who had been involved in a hit and run, and immediately rushed to provide life-saving first aid. Despite facing danger herself from oncoming traffic, and abuse from impatient motorists passing by, Karen remained at the scene to provide assistance until medical help had arrived. Her willingness to step in and help, quick-thinking and expertise undoubtedly saved his life.


Springboard Business Improvement - Winner

Richard Finel

Richard took the opportunity that the Springboard platform provides, to submit the idea for himself and other Technical Inspectors to use a SkyPole. The SkyPole enables Richard and his colleagues to inspect high-rise jobs, such as roofs and chimneys, without the need to hire MEWPs or the use of ladders.

To date, this has saved £119,248 for the business, including a saving of £31,098 when the SkyPoles were loaned to Amey Consulting. Richard’s fantastic idea has not only saved money, but time too – saving 170 hours that would typically be spent hiring MEWPs and completing admin paperwork. The use of SkyPoles have been a huge benefit to health, safety and efficiency.

Springboard Business Improvement - Highly Commended

Antonio Cendan-Teijeiro

(Watch his video here)

Antonio saw an opportunity to invest in an enhanced GIS solution for the Consulting E&S team, ensuring that they could produce advanced GIS mapping within Environmental Statements and Reports delivered to our clients. As a result, it has improved the quality of information and professionalism of our output and moved the team to advanced digitalisation, keeping the pace with competitors in the sector.

The system enables all designers to record and identify asset information, including environmental and ecological, producing an online digital layer than can be used to produce static reporting and in stakeholder consultations. Antonio’s investment will help to ensure all assets of a design or project are considered when developing the design routes and solutions, and that they are transferable, usable and scalable across the Consulting business.

Springboard Business Improvement - Finalists

Danny Mahmood 

Danny used Springboard to propose his idea for the creation of an online database on SharePoint, for OLE. The database will be used to store controlled documents, such as design tools, record drawings and archived projects. Danny also created a system so that when an engineer creates a design tool, it is then uploaded to the site and notifies other engineers on the approval list, that a new tool has been created.

The approver can then check the tool, sign it off and distribute it to the national OLE team. His automated solution means that design tools that have not been signed off cannot be distributed. This, in combination with the SharePoint, has enabled the OLE team to be more efficient, as all the information needed to complete work is in one, easily accessible place.




Nick Rees

(Watch his video here)

Nick’s excellent performance throughout 2020 has seen him collaborate with numerous teams within the Consulting business to scope, develop and roll out business improvement solutions. He is hardwired to think about end-product, focusing on the best and most effective way of helping the business to succeed. His contribution to the Springboard team has helped stamp our values (growth and performance, digital improvement, process improvement, marketing and people) into the team.

Nick’s most note-worthy successes of the year, however, has been the development of two safety driven solutions, using technology to ensure continuous improvement of hazard perceptions and the undertaking of dynamic risk assessment on site. Both solutions have involved regular engagement with the Springboard, IT, and delivery teams which span across the business. In addition, Nick is actively working with business leaders and Group IT to help formulate a digital roadmap for 2021 and continues to use his bespoke app development skills for the greater good of Amey.

Courage - Winners

Terence Andrews 

(Watch his video here)

Terry saved a member of public's life on site after they had a massive heart attack. Terry's quick response with lifesaving first aid and teamwork lead to the person making a full recovery. Terry was nothing but outstanding. The paramedics returned later on in the day to congratulate Terry and his team for how well they coped under the pressure. Not only did he save a person's life but he also brought the person back to life multiple times during the wait for the ambulance to arrive.




Karen Davies

(Watch her video here)

At 06.30am one morning, Karen noticed a cyclist who had been involved in a hit and run, and immediately rushed to provide life-saving first aid. Despite facing danger herself from oncoming traffic, and abuse from impatient motorists passing by, Karen remained at the scene to provide assistance until medical help had arrived. Her willingness to step in and help, quick-thinking and expertise undoubtedly saved his life.


CEO Award - Winner

Selby Management Team

I’ve awarded the CEO Award to the Selby Management Team who have continued to provide a high-quality waste and recycling service to the residents of Selby even when other Councils had stopped services because of COVID-19. 

The team implemented a full recycling service change and a new working week structure just one week into national lockdown. They also stepped up and ensured that all 40,000 properties had the ‘change in service’ information they needed when the council could not deliver.

The new service was fully delivered, despite continued lockdown, four confirmed cases of COVID in the team, and ten self-isolations.
I know they see their commitment and professionalism as ‘just the day job’, but it is so much more, and this is in recognition of that.
For me, this entry encapsulated the work of so many of you who have worked in similar ways throughout this pandemic – and one of the many reasons we have reason to take Personal pride in our public service.

Peoples Choice - Winner

Terence Andrews 

(Watch his video here)

Terry saved a member of public's life on site after they had a massive heart attack. Terry's quick response with lifesaving first aid and teamwork lead to the person making a full recovery. Terry was nothing but outstanding. The paramedics returned later on in the day to congratulate Terry and his team for how well they coped under the pressure. Not only did he save a person's life but he also brought the person back to life multiple times during the wait for the ambulance to arrive.