Welcome to Amey!

We are delighted you'll be joining us! We know that moving jobs or employers can be a little bit daunting so these pages have some of the information you need to help you get settled in. 

We don’t want to overload you with information on your first day (it’s hard enough trying to remember everyone's names), so we haven't added too much to this page. You'll find lots more in the 'New employees' section of our intranet (in the HR section) once you're connected. All of these subjects have associated policies and guidelines, which you'll find on our Document Library, via the intranet.

We hope you have a long and fulfilling career with us and are glad to have you on board.

You're joining a global organisation - Ferrovial Services

Our parent company, Ferrovial Services is one of the world’s leading infrastructure management and investment companies. They have a team of around 80,000 people working in over 10 countries across the globe.

As part of Ferrovial’s commitment to society, innovation and the environment, they built special teams – called the Centres of Excellence – to study and develop cities, environment, infrastructure, asset management, energy, FM and natural resources. We support this work.

Together, we share our knowledge, build our capabilities and introduce innovation to deliver value.

  • Read the Ferrovial Services blog here.
  • View a video about Ferrovial Services here.
  • Click here to read more about Ferrovial Services and Ferrovial.


Nothing is more important to us than Health and Safety

At Amey, we put Health and Safety at the top of our priority list. Nothing is more important to us than keeping our employees, customers, suppliers and our communities safe. And for us, there’s only one number we find acceptable when it comes to harm and injuries at work – ZERO.

We all play a part in looking after each other. We need you to speak up if something is unsafe, so that we can fix it before someone gets hurt.

We have stopped some accidents from happening but there’s a long way to go before we reach our goal. Click here to learn more about our Zero Code.

Your probation period

A probationary period is a trial period for any new employee. It allows both you and your manager to assess whether you are right for the role, taking into account your overall capability, skills, performance and general conduct.

What you need to know

During your probation period, you and your people manager will have regular meetings to review your performance, conduct and attendance.

In any new role, it is important that you know what is expected of you such as:

  • Clear objectives i.e. what you are expected to achieve during, or by the end of, the probationary period
  • The standards of performance and how this is measured
  • Attendance and conduct standards
  • Any agreed development activities

What happens if…

If, for any reason, you aren’t meeting the standards required, your manager will discuss what you need to do and how Amey can support you to successfully complete your probation. However, if you continue to fall short of the standards expected of you, your manager might consider extending your probation or terminating your employment. Any misconduct during the probationary period will be managed in line with the Disciplinary Procedure.

At the end of your probation period your manager will confirm if you have successfully completed your probation.

Employee Self Service

You can use Employee Self Service to view and amend your employee information (via the intranet or our secure portal - link above). If you are a permanent Amey employee, you will be issued with a username and password to access your ESS by the HR Team or your people manager.

If you have not received this, please contact the HR Helpdesk on 01865 713101. Once you are logged on, you can carry out the following tasks:

  • Personal Information: View and amend the following personal information; Bank Details, Emergency Address, Equality Information, Name, Nationality and Marital Status
  • Working Time: Submit annual leave requests and other absence requests for your people manager to review. You are also able to view you work pattern in this section
  • Payslip: View your payslip. This should be available two days before the pay date
  • Expenses: Create and submit expenses requests for your people manager to review. This section also includes a link to the Innovation Mileage system
  • Choices: View and select employee benefits, buy additional annual leave, gym membership and dental insurance. Visit the this page for a full list of benefits. 
  • Career and Job / Performance Review: Links to the ET Web system where employees can view their PDR, 360 Feedback and Update Career Experience (Knowledge Link)


Guides can be found on the here

Adobe Timesheets

If an employee is required to complete Adobe Timesheets, then the access is granted via an Infra request (via our intranet). This is usually completed on an employee’s new starter request; however, a separate request can be submitted via 'Mygateway > Log A Request > Timesheet setup if required.

Multiple Employments

Employees who have more than one employment record should use their Primary ID number to log in to HR Self-Service.

Password Reset

If you require your HR Self-Service password to be reset or experience any authentication errors, please contact the IT Helpdesk on 0151 728 1111.


Your benefits package

We believe that benefits should be tailored to you so as well as offering competitive salaries, we also provide a benefits package that’s as unique as you are. Every employee gets:

  • Pension
  • Eyecare
  • Access to Choices, our flexible benefits
  • Access to Save with Amey for shopping discounts
  • Pay reviews
  • Paid annual leave 
  • Achievement awards (a*Stars)
  • Life assurance

You might also be entitled to a company car or car allowance, bonus and private medical cover depending on your role. You can also get extra benefits. You'll receive more about this in your offer package.

Click here to read more about our benefits.


Your personal data

We keep a file of your personal information. It helps us meet our obligations to you as an employee and effectively manage your employment contract. This information is always stored securely and in accordance with GDPR.

The HR Helpdesk will not give out personal information to anyone but you. You will need to answer verification questions to confirm your identity if accessing your information over the phone.

New people managers

We hope you find your new role as an Amey people manager fulfilling and rewarding. As you settle into your new role, there are a few things that you’ll need to know.

Here are some useful contacts that you may need as a manager at Amey.

  • HR Service Centre: hrhelpdesk@amey.co.uk or telephone 01865 713101
  • Manager advice: 01865 713101 (option 3)
  • IT Helpdesk: 0151 728 1111
  • Fleet: 0844 7016 53

To get you started some useful areas to focus on for your new role as a people manager at Amey are available on our intranet, AmeyWorld.