Advice about Coronavirus

This page is open for all employees on any device and was last reviewed on Tuesday 5th April 2022.

Read the full FAQs on Covid advice

COVID-19 update 

Over the last few weeks, Covid guidance across the four nations have started to ease. Ea The latest guidance which impacts the workplace is outlined below.


In England (and from 25th March in Wales) the legal requirement to self-isolate after testing positive with Covid has been lifted. However, if you do test positive for Covid, you are still advised to stay at home and avoid contact with other people. After 5 days, you can choose to take a lateral flow test followed by another the next day - if both are negative you can safely return to your normal routine. If you come into contact with someone with Covid, you are no longer advised to self-isolate or take daily tests, even if you are unvaccinated.

In Scotland and Northern Ireland, if you test positive with Covid, you must still self-isolate.

What does this mean for Amey?

  • England

If you feel unwell and have viral symptoms stay at home and do not attend work.  Contact your People Manager and follow Amey’s Sickness Absence reporting procedure. You will receive contractual sick pay entitlement for any absence. 

There will be specific guidance for employees working in particularly vulnerable services, such as healthcare or prisons, so please look out for any local communications or speak to your manager.

  • Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland

If you have Covid symptoms or test positive for Covid, you must still self-isolate. Please see our Covid FAQs for details of the self-isolation requirements in each nation.

If you are a People Manager and are concerned someone in the workplace is displaying viral symptoms contact the Croner Advice team on 0800 141 3933 to seek further support.

Face Coverings

Wearing a face covering is no longer a legal requirement in England and Northern Ireland. In Wales face coverings must be worn in  health and care settings and in Scotland wearing face coverings in some indoor public places remains a legal requirement.

What does this mean for Amey?

Please check with your manager, or premises you may be visiting, as there may be local requirements for wearing a face covering.

Enhanced cleaning in our offices

We will continue to maintain enhanced cleaning regimes and hand sanitisation stations in our offices.

If you are coming into an office, please be aware some people may wish to continue to take a more cautious approach. We should all be considerate and give others space to reduce close contact if they wish.

The Covid SteerCo continue to monitor the situation and will update regularly with changes to guidance that impacts our business.

Media Enquiries 

It is important that employees should not talk to the media directly.

Enquiries from journalists should be forwarded to the Press Office on 01865 713240 or Please pass any requests relating to the media to us, including requests for advertisements, quotes, testimonials or statements.