Information for Amey employees

Top items this week - NHS COVID-19 apps

NHS Test and Trace apps across the UK

The NHS has released their new COVID-19 Test and Trace app for England and Wales. This follows apps for Scotland and Northern Ireland. Please download the app for your part of the UK to help stop the spread of COVID-19 (they all work on Apple or Android devices). Visit our Coronavirus Advice pages for more information.

National Inclusion Week (NIW) starts 28th September

NIW is a national campaign raising awareness of the importance of inclusion in the workplace.

Throughout the week we’ll be celebrating inclusion at Amey, listening and discussing the importance of workplace inclusion and sharing ideas for how we can improve to become a more inclusive place to work. Click here to find out more


During your day to day work, have you ever thought things could be done better? This is your opportunity to improve where you work and how we do things. You understand our business better than anyone, all the best ideas can start with you! Springboard will provide you with an easy and quick way to feed your ideas into the business to help drive improvements. Find out more here.

It is important for all employees to remember that they should not talk to the media directly.

Any enquiries from journalists should be forwarded to the press office on 01865 713240 or

Please pass any requests relating to the media to us, including requests for advertisements, quotes, testimonials or statements.

A little note, if you don't work for Amey

Please note that these pages only contain information for employees of Amey. If you'd like to get in touch with us and you don't currently work for Amey, please use the 'Contact us' link at the top of your screen (or click here).

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