Getting prepared for winter

With winter just around the corner, we’ve put together some self-help advice and guidance on common issues such as how to avoid frozen pipes, boiler issues and blockages in gutters and drains to help keep your home protected during the winter months.

We’ll be available 24 hours a day should you experience any issues with your property and you can contact us here, but there are some things you may be able to fix yourself before calling an engineer.

Additional resources and processes

We employ additional staff at our Customer Service Centre through the winter, to help you as quickly and effectively as possible.


Boiler not firing up properly? Ensure that the programmer is set to on/constant, then turn the thermostat from its lowest setting up until you hear a click. This may help the boiler to fire up.

Pipes, drains and gutters

If you notice any overspill pipes trickling water, gutters leaking excessively or any damaged, please contact the Customer Service Centre on 0800 707 6000

Do you have a holiday booked?

If you have any trips away from home planned, make sure you ask a trusted friend or neighbour to look after your keys and check your home regularly. Turn off the water supply at the main stopcock if there is any possibility of freezing up at the property in your absence


Tips to help get you prepared this winter

Sometimes things can wrong and some cases, simple fixes can help resolve common issues quickly. Have a look below at some common issues and how you might be able to fix them yourself without having to wait for an engineer to attend.

Condensate Pipes

One of our most commonly reported faults when the weather turns cold which can cause loss of heating is frozen condensate pipes. However this issue has a relatively simple fix that many people are able to do themselves to resolve any issues quickly. Please see this video created by Britsh Gas for some extra advice on how you may be able to thaw a frozen condensate pipe.


We have a number of fact sheets that will be able to help you find out what our team need to know when you contact us and offer some self-help advice and guidance on some of the most common issues we find in Service Family Accommodation (SFA), including preventing condensation and damp and mould and resolving common boiler issues:

Do you have problems with your heating?

This fact sheet will provide you with some questions that we may ask if you contact us regarding your boiler. These questions sometimes help resolve several common boiler issues. Have you tried resetting the boiler? Have you tried bleeding your radiators? Is the pressure up on the boiler?

Protecting your family and Service home in winter

This fact sheet will provide you with some easy steps that you can take to protect your SFA from the winter season. We include tips on what to do regarding your heating, going away and boiler or stopcock repairs.

Do you have issues with damp and mould?

If you’re having any issues with damp and mould, or have had some in the past, this fact sheet will be able to help provide some self-help advice so you can prevent damp and mould and what to do if you come across it in your SFA. It will outline what to do if you come across it, how we can help and what to do if your healthcare professional tells you that the damp and mould in your home is causing problems.


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