Impact Reporting

Impact Reporting 

Impact is a leading social value measurement platform trusted by organisations globally to evaluate the impact of their social and sustainable activities.

Impact makes it easy to measure, evaluate and visualise our social value, social impact and sustainability.

  • Data capture & measurement - Easily capture and measure data related to our purpose-led initiatives with ease.
  • Analytics & evaluation - Develop a collective sense of what good looks like and use the right kinds of data for our reports.
  • Surveys & engagement - Remove uncertainties in our data and capture the stories behind our outcomes.
  • Procurement & projects - Evaluate, monitor and measure the social value element of tenders and projects.


  • A collective Amey platform to collate Social Value data; for which there is no other system (in Amey) in place to do so.
  • A platform that can capture both data and wider evidence (photos, docs etc) – and thereby store and track performance
  • A platform that can aggregate data as per Amey’s structure
  • A platform that looks to move beyond just ‘input’ data to impact information/data

Initial scope of data collection

Data associated with the following ‘Transforming Local Communities’ pillar of our Social Value plan:

  • Inspiring & Educating young people into STEM
  • More opportunities and skills for disadvantaged people
  • Community volunteering & engagement
  • Charity or fundraising activity

If you're account is not currently using Impact Reporting, please contact so we can get you signed up.