Supporting those who are keeping the country going

The COVID-19 pandemic presents a challenge that we scarcely thought possible. 

As we navigate our way through this turbulent period, we remain resolutely focused on three key priorities:

  • Protecting our employees and the communities we serve
  • Continuing to deliver for our clients and maintaining critical services that the country relies on
  • Supporting our suppliers

I’m so proud of the critical role Amey is continuing to play in the delivery of public services across the UK, many of which are essential to our daily public life – such as waste collection, cleaning schools, gritting the roads, transport links open and much more.

We’re also responsible for ensuring millions of key workers are able to continue delivering vital public services across the country.

We’re ensuring their children are able to attend clean and safe schools and that the necessary transport infrastructure is in place so these key workers can travel to work.

We’re working round the clock to maintain services whilst keeping the Amey family safe.

Thank you to all the key workers out there – we’re proud to serve you.


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