From health campaigns through to sports events, our wellbeing programmes have something for everybody.

Encouraging good habits

We encourage everyone to take an active approach to their health and wellbeing by focusing on the advantages of making healthier lifestyle choices. We provide occupational health services, helping employees to proactively manage their health in the workplace, and ensuring employees benefit from regular checks and advice. 

Safety first 

Nothing is more important at Amey than protecting employees, customers, suppliers and our communities. We have a strong safety record, a ‘target zero’ culture that aims to ensure there are no reportable incidents every day. We aim to achieve this by prevention, through vigilance, education and the early detection of potential issues. 

Employee Assistance 

Every employee in the UK has 24-hour access to a free confidential phone and online counselling, plus legal, health, financial information and debt support. This is a completely independent and confidential service.




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