The Asset Inspection Challenge

Asset owners need to drive down costs, but often the demands on today’s networks mean that inspections need to be done faster and more often.

Human inspection of assets (walking, roped access, using binoculars) is expensive, time consuming, and can compromise safety. Data input is manual and slow. Traditional drones have limitations and require a trained pilot and observer along with post-analysis of video footage or stills.

The ability to accurately inspect assets at low cost on a regular basis with less manpower and data processing is becoming vital.

Transforming Asset Inspections

AmeyVTOL’s unique patented air frame is much more effective than traditional quadcopters or rigids. It will be the market-leading unmanned autonomous long-range drone that will carry multiple sensor arrays including GPR, HD video and still, IR, thermal and LiDAR.

Our Flying Wing can take off and land anywhere, travel far, fast and change direction, precisely mapping the same route over and over, regardless of weather conditions. It can take off vertically, hover, spin, and fly at speeds of up to 60kph.

With sophisticated radar, GPS and collision avoidance technology, the Flying Wing will transform asset inspections of infrastructure like roads and railways, as well as in the utilities, maritime and oil and gas industries.


Our unique and patented Flying Wing outperforms existing drones. It is the future of aerial inspections.


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