Shuyao BEng MSc(Hons)

Data Science


Data Science

Strategic Consultant

Shuyao has an academic background in computer science, mainly focusing on data science and machine learning.  Before she moved to the UK, she worked for Hupu Sports media as an Operation Specialist and had the management experience of a 200-person team.

As the lead developer of the Tungsten KPI Tool – a powerful tool for the stakeholder – Shuyao applied the Monte Carlo method to forecast benefits and performance improvement among a group of projects for Severn Trent Water, and built an end-to-end web application to show the summary dashboard and generate reports on the forecasting results.

Shuyao is also involved in Heathrow Airport and Network Rail’s analytics and modelling projects. Currently, she is working on a Network Rail tunnel condition advanced modelling project and developing software to fit different data sources into the TCMI model.