Maja MA (Hons)

Business Strategy


Business Strategy

Senior Consultant

Maja is a Senior Consultant with over 11 years’ experience in the delivery of complex projects and programmes in the Infrastructure, Oil & Gas and Media Industries.

Before joining Amey, Maja was working on the £400m (NEC3) Baggage improvement initiative at Heathrow, where she led a team of controls experts in planning the delivery of works and identifying opportunities for efficiency improvements.

Bringing experience from time, cost and health & safety critical programme delivery in the oil & gas industry, Maja has developed an understanding of construction and logistics and is able to add value to the planning process. Her time, and background, in media as a production editor has enabled her to develop exceptional understanding and capability in communication and reinforced the importance of delivering high quality products.

Since joining Strategic Consulting, Maja has taken on the role of Planning Manager for the Thames Tideway Tunnel Systems Integrator Contract, where her analytical approach and experience in analysing large volumes of complex data can be relied upon to drive tasks to their completion.