Finding the right fit Finding the right fit

Here at Amey Strategic Consulting, we’re looking for the right fit. Not necessarily for people from a specific background, but with a similar attitude and drive towards improving the infrastructure world as we know it.

To get the best fit, we recruit a little bit differently. Our Strategic Consultants are at the heart of the recruitment process giving new employees the chance to meet with them from the early stages. Recruitment is fast-paced (max. 3 weeks) and has a transparent approach, reflecting our culture. The steps of the process are:

  • CV submission
  • Phone Interview
  • Exercises
  • Assessment Day

If you’re looking at a role within our expanding team, here are some things you might want to know (especially around our assessment day!):

All recruitment steps are run by people in our team (not outsourced)

We recruit with people that are part of Strategic Consulting and that work in projects that you’ll end up doing. Our promise to you is that throughout the recruitment process you’ll only speak to your potential future colleagues. To find out what it’s really like to work for Strategic Consulting, you’ll be able to ask questions to Consultants from different levels: from new starters to our founding members. They’ll give you an honest and accurate view of the work you’ll be engaged in, so no surprises after you join us. At assessment centers, there are almost as many Consultants as there will be of candidates, so you’ll have plenty of opportunities to chat around tasks and over lunch.

We try and make the Assessment Day as much like as a regular Consultant day as possible

During the day, you’ll be undertaking tasks that mimic the work we do at Strategic Consulting. We will give you a real flavor of what working in our main office is like, by creating the fast-paced consultancy style, with individual and team tasks. This will give you a taster of what it is to be at Strategic Consulting, while allowing you to assess us. It’s just as important to see if you want to join us!

Assessment days aren’t a competition between fellow candidates

As fast-paced as the process can be, it’s quite a relaxed setting. We brief you on every single task in detail, and you can ask questions at any point. During the day you’ll hear us say many times “it’s not a competition”, because it really isn’t! Our team is expanding and has growth numbers that make us want to find as many of the right people as we can. Taking away this pressure means you don’t have to (and shouldn't) try to ‘out do’ your teammates.  There’s no taking someone else’s spot on the day – if everyone is successful, we’d love everyone to join.

You won’t be waiting around for an answer

Coming to an Assessment Centre will allow us to see how you would perform in a Consulting role with us. We will see you during the interview, breaks, individual and team tasks and that gives us plenty of material to make a decision fast. This decision also takes into consideration the previous steps you have already completed so you can hear back as early as the next day.

Candidates (and assessors) enjoy the day!

We have only received positive feedback from Assessment Days. Candidates and assessors have a good time! Although we all admit there may be some nerves at the start, by the end of the day it’s our goal that you will have relaxed and be able to perform to your full potential.

Your first day: already knowing a few faces

During the Assessment Day, you’re not just meeting existing team members, but also potential new-starters like you. This means that for your first it'll be nice to see friendly and familiar faces. In fact, we also try to group new-starters so you all acclimatize together.

If this sounds like your cup of tea, let’s work together to get a fit! Apply to our team or send your questions to To see the kinds of people we have recruited in the past, find our team here