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Innovative solutions for ever constraining demands

Our Strategic Consulting team is the UK’s largest team dedicated to data, analytics and technology in infrastructure. The team is tasked with taking on some of the toughest, most complex issues facing the industry today.

We enable the infrastructure industry to make better decisions under uncertainty. We use data science techniques and technology solutions to understand and improve the value of assets so they perform better, their risks are managed more effectively and regulators’ requirements are met.

Digital intelligence lies at the heart of understanding and managing four demands:

Asset intelligence

We provide our clients with intelligent, strategic advice on asset improvement and ideas to make assets more effective and efficient. We work with our clients to solve the challenges of ageing infrastructure, increased service demand and making savings whilst customer expectations increase. We do all of this because we care about public services and creating better places to live, work and travel.

Customer needs – the information age

Our customers are digitally connected, better informed and can communicate their demands immediately. They want more choice and higher quality.

Capacity – creating growth

Continued urbanisation, driven by the information economy, is placing ever more strain on transport networks and urban infrastructure. 

Cost – coping with cost pressures

Increasing demand places stress across ageing networks. Infrastructure owners are facing increased cost pressure to maintain and improve quality and availability for increased demand.

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