Making a difference globally

Not only are we helping clients in the UK we are solving challenges for clients in other continents - helping to create smart infrastructure solutions across the globe.


In 2014 Amey Consulting brought the full range of our asset management and data analytics consultancy services to the USA. These services have helped our clients develop a better appreciation of the need to protect and preserve the assets they look to develop and already own.

From our base in the Greater New York area our focus is on the transportation sector, most notably the passenger rail and highways sectors.


In the highways sector we have worked in partnership with the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) to manage and maintain the interstate network in and around Dallas.


We work with clients that operate some of the most highly demanded passenger services in the country. For example, we continue to assist Long Island Rail Road in the optimization of its enterprise asset management processes. For the wider New York City area we head up the Metropolitan Transportation Authority’s Program Management Office for asset management.

Bringing our international expertise to the USA

Our international expertise in the sector has become highly valued by a range of transportation agencies in the USA and was a major factor for our inclusion in the team that undertook a top to bottom audit of New Jersey Transit - one of the country’s largest commuter rail providers. This included a review of financial planning practices, asset management processes, and the impact of one, on the other.

Continued innovation

As part of our commitment to innovation and improving the customer experience, we have developed asset inspection and work order management software for use on mobile tablets, providing instantaneous collection of accurate data to give greater insight to current asset condition for transit, railroad and transportation authorities.

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