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Our world is changing. And the pace of change is only set to increase. Discover and share our insights, rooted in practical thinking for an increasingly practical planet.

About us

At Amey Consulting we specialise in intelligent interventions rooted in practical thinking. Uniquely, our plans and designs are shaped by our expertise in delivery.

Passionate about infrastructure and dedicated to providing solutions for our clients – we are transforming how our transport, utilities, property and public assets perform, day in, day out.

Our thinking is cutting edge. Our approach is practical.


Creating better places to live, work and travel

Discover Amey

We’re the faces behind the services the public use every day and we’ve been in the business of creating better places for nearly 100 years – it’s our purpose and our passion – and it’s what drives us to keep improving our services every day.

Our team of 19,000 people and the depth of services we deliver, makes us a leading supplier of consulting and infrastructure support services in the UK and internationally.