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Passionate about infrastructure and dedicated to providing solutions for our clients – we are transforming how our transport, utilities, property and public assets perform, day in, day out.

Our intelligent interventions are rooted in practical thinking, and our plans and designs are shaped by our expertise in delivery.

Our thinking is cutting edge. Our approach is practical.

Practical Planet

Our world is changing. And the pace of change is only set to increase. Find out what we think about the future of infrastructure.


The panel tackle a question from the floor about how we can inspire not just engineers but data scientists and mathematicians of the future, crucial to the next 100 years of the industry #OW100 #AmeyConsulting https://t.co/tqI8uRmiEK

26 Nov

Richard Williams, grandson of Sir Owen Williams, shares some personal insights of the man behind some of the UK’s most iconic infrastructure #OW100 #AmeyConsulting https://t.co/SoDsgTrnLP

26 Nov

Tonight at @ICE_engineers we are celebrating 100 years of Owen Williams and looking forward to the Future of Engineering #OW100 #AmeyConsulting https://t.co/dHLCqu4zH5

26 Nov