Introduction from our CEO

Thank you for taking the time to read the Amey Code and to understand how we expect everyone who works for and with Amey to conduct themselves.

The Amey Code applies to every single permanent, temporary and agency employee, people engaged by our subsidiaries and our suppliers.

Every day, we all make decisions that can affect others, our contracts and the Amey group as a whole. I am resolutely focused on ensuring employees all have freedom to perform and make the right decisions while engaging and empowering others to excel. In doing so, we must consistently uphold the highest standards of conduct and ethics in how we work and the way Amey operates.

Everyone who works for and with Amey is expected to ensure that:

  • We treat everyone with respect
  • We conduct our business responsibly and with integrity
  • We do not misuse property or information

The Amey Code sets out the Amey way of doing things and will help us continually be the organisation that our customers want to do business with, the company communities want working for them and the place where we all want to work.

I ask that every single employee not only reads this document but commits to following the spirit of the Amey Code and applies it to their everyday working life.

Amanda Fisher
Chief Executive Officer


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16 Apr