How to raise a concern

How to raise a concern or ask a question

An employee should first consider whether the matter can be resolved locally by raising it directly with the person involved, or with their manager or by pursuing it through an existing Amey policy or procedure:

  • Speak to the person in question – if you see something taking place that you feel is inappropriate and against the Amey Code, please challenge it if you feel able to. You will always have the full support of Amey’s leadership team in challenging inappropriate behaviour.
  • Speak to your (or another appropriate) people manager – to ensure that relevant action is taken, please raise any questions you have or concerns regarding a colleague’s behaviour with your or a relevant supervisor or manager

Directors' Hotline

If you’ve tried to resolve an issue, but feel you’re not getting anywhere, you can use the Directors’ Hotline.

Between 9.30am and 11.30am every Wednesday, you’ll be able to speak directly to a member of the senior leadership team to try and resolve your issue.

  • Consulting: 0207 492 7824
  • Group: 0207 492 7820
  • Secure Infrastructure: 01865 713 535
  • Transport Infrastructure: 0207 492 7821
  • Utilities: 0207 492 7822
  • Waste Treatment: 0207 492 7823

Whistleblowing Helpline

Employees are strongly encouraged to report any suspected malpractice or wrongdoing by Amey or its employees that falls short of Amey’s principles and the Amey Code or is not compliant with its other policies and procedures or the law.

Any such concerns should be reported to our Whistleblowing Helpline (0800 160 1797).

What happens when I call?

Employees will be asked to set out in as much detail the background and history of their concern, giving names, dates and places where possible, and the reason why  they are particularly concerned about the situation. Although employees are not expected to prove the truth of an allegation, they will need to demonstrate that there are sufficient grounds for the concern.

This service is strictly confidential. If they have given their name and have asked for feedback, they will be kept informed of the response from Amey and any further investigations.

What happens next?

Amey undertakes to treat each disclosure with due regard and undertake a level of investigation appropriate to the seriousness of the allegation. Any investigation will be undertaken by an investigator appointed by the Monitoring Officer, who is the General Counsel or his/her nominated representative.

For further detail, please refer to the following Amey policy:

  • Whistleblowing


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