Managing the road network in SW Scotland - Scottish Trunk Roads (South West Unit)

In August 2020, Amey was contracted by Transport Scotland to maintain and improve the motorways and trunks across the South West of Scotland.

The Scottish Trunk Roads Network Management Contract (STRNMC) covers more than 600 kilometres of road from Greenock to Dumfries, and out to Stranraer as well as a long stretch of the M8 motorway which connects Glasgow and Edinburgh. Focused on delivering reliable journey times and a high level of customer care for the people and businesses that use these roads every day, Amey is responsible for the design and delivery of improvement schemes and cyclical maintenance as well as inspections to make sure the routes remain safe and well-maintained. Amey also carries out the winter maintenance service – gritting and snow clearing – as well as operates the Trunk Road Incident Support Service (TRISS) – the team who are first on the scene to assist road users on the network.

With over 1,600 structures in the South West, Amey’s dedicated team of bridge engineers will be monitoring and maintaining crucial assets such as the Erskine and Kingston bridges.

Amey has worked continuously with Transport Scotland since 2001 looking after both the South East and South West network. Amey has a separate highways contract with Transport Scotland to provide maintenance services for the upgraded sections of the M8, M73 and M74, which carry over 60,000 passenger journeys every day. Since 2012, Amey has delivered the Traffic Scotland Operations and Infrastructure contract looking after roadside technology, including motorway gantries and roadside telephones, across the whole country.


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