Clean, Rehabilitative, Enabling and Decent (CRED) programme

Amey delivers facilities and estate management services, including planned and reactive maintenance, cleaning and project management into 59 Prisons on behalf of the Ministry of Justice (MOJ) and Her Majesty's Prison and Probation Service (HMPPS). We deliver these services across the North East, North West of England, East and West Midlands and Wales.

Project: Clean, Rehabilitative, Enabling and Decent (CRED)
Timeframe: ongoing

The Challenge

Reoffending costs the taxpayer £15 billion each year and evidence shows that ex-offenders in employment are up to 9% less likely to commit further crime.

The reality is that many of the job opportunities in prisons do not adequately prepare prisoners for real jobs in the outside world. Combine this with the stigma that prevents so many ex-offenders getting back into work and it becomes clear why employment levels remain so low.

To help address this the Ministry of Justice (MOJ) published its Education and Employment strategy in May 2018 to encourage more companies to help.  

At Amey, we take personal pride in our public services. One way we live this is by helping to give people with criminal convictions a fresh start.

We believe passionately in being a strong advocate for rehabilitation and part of this is our commitment to hiring the best people for the job, regardless of their background or history.

As the UK skills gap continues to grow, despite the increased focus on talent programmes such as apprenticeships and graduate initiatives, businesses must widen the net and take advantage of every opportunity to build a more skilled workforce.

Our response

The work we do in prisons, on behalf of our client the MOJ and HMPPS via our Facilities Management service, means we are uniquely placed to support the rehabilitation of men and women directly, by providing meaningful work experience and employment support to improve employability.

Working in partnership with the MOJ, HMPPS and Governors, we developed our Clean, Rehabilitative, Enabling and Decent (CRED) programme.

The programme takes a proactive approach to support rehabilitation through the engagement of prisoners.

This involves us not only providing a role for them within the prison environment but also involving them in improving the living conditions, so they meet the safe and decent standards set by HMPPS. It also encourages men and women to take pride in the appearance of the prison environment.

Working alongside our facilities team, we provide a real-life working environment for the prisoners and we all work to the industry standards that are expected. We also offer health and safety training, the same as what our employees receive.

The work placement is closely linked to existing skills and the qualifications that are being undertaken, as well as the career path the individual wishes to pursue once they are released. In addition to the work experience, we provide CV mentoring support.

Due to Amey being a diverse business operating in a variety of sectors, we can offer a range of opportunities within our business and supply chain once they are released from prison.

The CRED programme is now working successfully in 14 prisons with a further 19 in the mobilisation phase. 


  • 30,044 meaningful prisoner hours achieved 
  • 1,340 cells refurbished to a safe and decent standard
  • CRED programme live in 14 prisons 
  • 3 full-time employment outcome achieved within our supply chain

[Information correct as of June 2020]