Health and safety

Putting people first is one of our core values. And we strongly believe that the health, safety and wellbeing of our teams, clients and those around us should be the priority over everything else. We believe injuries are not inevitable. And for us, there’s only one number we find acceptable when it comes to harm and injuries at work – ZERO.

Target Zero is our aim and we’ve set a new goal to reach a zero Lost Time Injury Incident Rate by 2021. This sets a real ambition and requirement to focus, which is where our Zero Code comes in. Zero Code is all about the behaviours that we expect our people and supply chain partners to live by. It is a simple work code that highlights the key actions we must all take to protect ourselves and others from harm.

Zero Code - Looking out for me, you and everyone

It has four simple principles, which apply to everyone.  These principles are:

• Ready to go

• Kitted out

• Stick to the plan

• Stay alert.

They underpin the basic philosophy that everyone has a right to work in safe and healthy conditions and they represent our drive to reach Zero harm.



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