Robert Edmondson

MD Environmental

Environmental Services | CIWM (Chartered Institute of Waste Management) | Business Studies Degree

Robert Edmondson

MD Environmental

What’s your greatest professional achievement?

I began my career in the public sector in the early nineties, when environmental services were very basic with 95% of waste collected going to landfill! I am proud of the contribution I have made to transforming these services The impact of recycling 50% of all the waste we collect with the remainder being used for renewable energy will make such a positive contribution for future generations.

If you could go back 20 years, what advice would you give to yourself?

Although we now live in a digital world, never forget to talk and listen to people. As a graduate I had a mentor who stressed the importance of this and he was right – it’s the only way of truly understanding how people feel and what’s happening on the ground.

What’s the best thing about working at Amey?

Undoubtedly the people. The experience and capability within the company is what makes us unique. I never fail to be amazed when I visit locations and find out some of the things that we do for our customers.

What are your priorities for the next five years?

My main priority is always to create a safe environment for our people. Secondly is our business growth. We will continue to grow our waste treatment capabilities -by 2018 we will create enough energy (via our waste treatment plants) to power the equivalent of 60,000 homes. In five years we will double this. We’ll also continue to push into new markets such as creating micro energy from waste supported by a sound regional presence.

What do you like to do when you’re not working?

I enjoy cooking and getting out on my bike with the local cycling club. I am never going to win any races but I am a good social rider.




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