Michael Burgess

HR Director

Michael Burgess

HR Director

What is your greatest professional achievement?

One thing that I fondly look back on from many years ago was when I was invited to a Jamboree where thousands of Scouts were gathered in a football stadium.

To my complete surprise when I entered the turnstile, I was escorted to the VIP box and then later invited to the centre circle, a long walk and confusing walk in the centre of a roaring crowd where I received a medal from the Chief Scout.

The award was for what we now call a social value project that I set up and ran and it was a big eye-opener for me, as I then truly realised what impact we can have on people’s lives just by doing our job.

What advice would you have given yourself 20 years ago?

If I am anything like my sons, I wouldn’t listen to me. Be Kind and try to be Happy!

What are your priorities in your role?

Amanda has outlined our priorities and my part, and indeed that of my team, is to help enable others to achieve our business and personal objectives.

We can do this by being useful, adding value and doing the right thing. At the moment, we are concentrating on simplifying and improving our systems and processes to help employees carry out their jobs.

What motivates you to come to work?

This is a complex question. I will answer in short and say that I am probably like the vast majority of people who come to work to not just pay the bills but to have real satisfaction and pride in what we do each day and how that impacts on other people as they go about their lives.

I am proud of what we do; whether it be collecting and recycling household waste, maintaining heating systems at homes and schools or even keeping airfields open for the RAF to fly their sorties from.

What do you like to do when you’re not working?

Maybe a day out in the Eastern Fells of the Lake District, away from the wide stony track, gouged out by generations of walkers on their way to Helvellyn.

Instead, aiming for nearby Dollywaggon Pike where there is a desolation of crag and boulder along with quietness from the lesser used but more interesting routes from Grisedale.

Not today in my thoughts are snow and ice nor storm and wind with little visibility in these high places, but perhaps seeing the calm dawn sun lifting the mist away and reaching the summit to find a grassy recess to be still and look across to Ullswater.


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