Multi-service approach

Delivering a multi-service approach in Slough

Amey delivers bespoke solutions for its customers, which add value and are tailored to local community needs.

We work with Slough Borough Council to deliver various services as part of a combined Integrated Waste Management contract (waste collection, recycling and disposal) and Integrated Street Scene contract (street cleansing, highways maintenance and grounds maintenance).

We proactively plan in order to deliver services which are efficient, cost-effective and flexible. As part of this, we work with our customers to understand opportunities for delivering multi-approach (bundled) and integrated solutions.

Delivering a multi-service approach in Slough

Amey began working with Slough Borough Council in 2002 as part of a 15-year environmental services account.

Our multi-service approach sees us work with the council to maintain and improve the local highways network, as well as deliver street cleansing, grounds maintenance, waste and recycling collection services.

Prior to 2002 the council had operated these services through three separate private sector companies and two direct service operations.

Its decision to change was driven by the efficiencies and improvements which could be delivered through a ‘one-stop shop’ service provider, focusing on integrated delivery rather than individual and traditional service lines.

Slough Borough Council also wanted to operate in a partnership style with a win-win approach for the authority and Amey, as well as meet specific targets, including reducing the amount of waste sent to landfill and increasing commercial waste opportunities.

Strategic thinking behind our multi-service approach

Amey offers a fully integrated range of capabilities, which enables us to meet Slough's requirements for a multi-activity account that is both effective and provides value for money.

At the start of the account in 2002 we created one management team to oversee all areas of the account, ensuring clear responsibility for service efficiency and quality. The management team forms part of our Government Division, which has expertise across the local authority sector, and is supported by our corporate functions, including HR and health and safety.

By bringing together the local focus of the management team, the knowledge of the Government Division and the strength of the wider Amey Group, we are able to provide Slough with specialist advice and delivery expertise, and employ local people who take a real ownership for delivery.

Slough was also able to rethink its own structures once the integrated contract was awarded in 2002. A strategic client director now manages the overarching account rather than the previous five independent heads of service, which has resulted in cost savings.

Seamless service

Through the integrated service, we have been able to merge appropriate teams in order to seamlessly meet Slough's needs. For example, the previous park keeper service dovetailed with general street cleansing and has been able to come together as one integrated public realm team. As a result of this clear team focus, Slough's street cleansing was named among the top four in the South East.

In addition, through our widened expertise, we have been able to broaden and develop highways capabilities within our local team, increasing the level of services we have provided to Slough.

Strategic benchmarking is in place to ensure the service continues to provide value for money, with open book accounting which incorporates profit share. A performance management system includes year-on-year stretching targets in order to drive continuous improvement.

A win-win solution

One of Slough's aims through the integrated approach was to introduce a win-win arrangement for both the authority and Amey.

A number of innovative mechanisms and incentives were introduced in order to balance fairness and efficiency, drive continuous improvement, demonstrate ongoing value for money and meet service targets.

One of these focuses on waste management, with a mechanism now in place to ensure both the council and Amey benefit from increased levels of recycling.

Amey has introduced a zero waste to landfill approach in Slough, ensuring nothing is sent to landfill. Instead the waste we collect is recycled, composted or used to create energy. The mechanism sees Amey receive a bonus for every tonne of waste recycled, encouraging us to work in partnership with Slough to increase recycling rates.

At the start of the account in 2002 Slough had a recycling rate of just 12%. Today that is in excess of 30%.

Introducing new services

In addition to working with the council, we have extended our activities to offer waste management, recycling and environmental services to the local business community in Slough.

Our wealth of experience and flexible approach ensures we help business customers meet their environmental responsibilities and that waste management solutions are designed around the customer, whether it be handling, storage, recycling or collection of waste materials.

We have increased revenues for the authority and Amey from this third party waste - increasing from nothing in 2002 to more than £2 million in 2013.


What our customers say

"I would like to thank all of those who have made a contribution to the coordination of and the frontline response to flooding and other weather-driven problems. This was a true ‘one council’ effort with people coming together from every service and made a real difference to the people of the borough and to the council's reputation. Your contribution was outstanding and I very much appreciate all you did."

Ruth Bagley, Chief Executive, Slough Borough Council