Energy savings

Delivering energy efficiencies for our customers

Protecting and enhancing the environment is one of Amey’s corporate objectives. Carbon management is a key way to achieve this and we continually seek to better understand the impacts of our business and try to reduce them. Our teams are dedicated to reducing not only our own energy consumption but also that of the buildings and strategic transport networks we maintain for our customers.

Amey has saved tens of millions of pounds for our customers through energy reduction initiatives that combine technology, best practice and changing people’s behaviour.

Home Office: savings through partnership

In July 2008, Amey began providing Total Facilities Management services to the Home Office estate of over 350 buildings in London, and the south and east of England.

Working in a three-way partnership since August 2010, Amey, British Gas Business and the Home Office devised the first energy management ‘gain share’ contract in central Government outside Private Finance Initiative arrangements. Since commencing the gain share arrangement, the trio have reduced the Home Office’s energy bill by over £1.3 million, a saving of around 20%. In addition, carbon emissions have been reduced by over 6,000 tonnes, a reduction of about one 17%

As energy manager for the Home Office, Amey is responsible for auditing the buildings and existing systems to assess the condition of the assets, prioritise maintenance activities and optimise energy performance.

We have implemented a range of energy efficiency measures, including Building Management System optimisation, additional temperature and lighting controls, boiler optimisers and demand-led software that ensures energy is only used when required.

Award-winning action

Amey received the 2011 Home Office Supplier of the year award for our energy saving initiatives, out of more than 5,000 suppliers who also provide services to the government department.

Our improvements also achieved a payback of less than two years on capital investment deployed and resulted in improved customer satisfaction scores.

Helen Kilpatrick, Commercial and Financial Director General, Home Office (now Permanent Secretary) said: "In the current economic climate we all need to find ways of working smarter. I believe our contract with Amey and British Gas will deliver real savings for the taxpayer while helping to protect the environment. In harnessing the best of private sector practice and bringing in fresh ideas we can deliver real change."

Helping customers cut energy consumption

Amey's expertise has seen us make savings for our customers as well as local council taxpayers across many of our contracts. Highlights of these successes include:

  • 60% savings in carbon and energy bills for Birmingham City Council through the installation of state-of-the-art LED streetlight technology, replacing more than 95,000 streetlights across the City. Amey has guaranteed to reduce the council’s energy and carbon levels by 40%.
  • 60% reduction in lighting energy consumption at Glasgow airport by upgrading the lighting in the passenger terminals.
  • £400,000 reduction in Glasgow City Council's energy bills, exceeding its annual energy saving and carbon reduction targets by 10%. This was achieved by upgrading the building management system to have greater control as well as encouraging energy saving behaviours from the employees.