Amey Plc Board

Ian Tyler

Ian Tyler is Non-Executive Director and Chairman of Amey

Ian joined Amey in 2018 bringing a wealth of experience and knowledge across our key sectors. Previously at Balfour Beatty for 17 years where he was most recently Chief Executive. He currently sits on four other Boards; as a Non-Executive Director of BAE Systems, Chairman of Bovis Homes Group, Chairman of Cairn Energy and Independent Chairman of the Atomic Weapons Establishment (AWE), a joint venture between Lockheed Martin, Serco and Jacobs Engineering.

Carol Hui

Carol Hui is a Non-Executive Director at Amey. Carol re-joined the company in 2017 after previously holding the post of General Counsel at Amey, sitting on the board of directors between 2000 and 2009.

Carol Hui has over 25 years’ experience as a business leader and is currently Chief of Staff at Heathrow Airport. Recently she won two major awards - a Chinese Business Leaders Award, organised by Sinopro and PwC, to recognise the most talented Chinese individuals in the UK’s business community, and the World’s Leading General Counsel award for 2017-2018 to recognise achievement and excellence in the field of business law and practice.

Andy Milner

Andy Milner Chief Executive Officer of Amey

Andy Milner was appointed Chief Executive Officer of Amey in April 2016, and previously was Managing Director of Amey’s Consulting & Strategic Infrastructure division. He has ultimate responsibility for growth, performance and delivery of corporate strategies for Amey.

Jayne Bowie

Jayne Bowie is Group Company Secretary and Group Legal Director of Amey Group.

Jayne joined Amey in 2012 as Senior Counsel (later Legal Director) and has recently taken on the role of Group Legal Director. She is responsible for managing the Legal, Corporate Services and Risk Management Functions.

Alfredo García

Alfredo García is Ferrovial Servicios’ Legal Director

Alfredo joined Ferrovial Servicios in 2003 as manager of the International Legal Department within the Ferrovial Servicios’ Legal Department. In June 2008, he was appointed Ferrovial Servicios’ Legal Director. He is a member of the Steering Committee of Ferrovial Servicios.

Andres Camacho

Andres has worked with Amey since early 2013 and he was previously Business Development Director for the Strategy and Development team at Ferrovial Services.

Andres has helped shape the organisation that Ferrovial Services is today. This included the sales of Tube Lines and Swissport, and the acquisition of Steel Ingenieria, a services company in Chile. He also contributed to the development of Ferrovial Services’ Strategic Plan and was responsible for incorporating Amey’s Strategic Business Plan into it.

Fernando González de Canales

Fernando is Ferrovial Servicios’ Chief Financial Officer

Fernando joined Ferrovial in 1992 as Chief Financial Officer of Ferrovial Group’s Business Development Division. In 1999, he was appointed Chief Financial Officer of Ferrovial Services, which has a current annual turnover of over €6 billion and activities in 10 countries. He is also a member of Ferrovial Group’s Finance Committee.

Andrew Nelson

Andrew Nelson is Amey’s Chief Finance Officer

Andrew joined Amey in 1999 and was appointed to the Board in 2006. He has played a key role in restructuring the group’s finances and negotiating acquisitions and disposals, including the purchase of Enterprise Plc in 2013 and the disposal of Amey’s interest in Tube Lines in 2010. He is also responsible for procurement and IT.

Fidel López Soria

Fidel López Soria is Chief Executive Officer of Ferrovial Services.

Fidel is a graduate in Mining Engineering from the Polytechnic University of Madrid and the École Nationale Superieure des Mines de Paris. He holds an MBA from MIT-Sloan School of Management. He joined Ferrovial in 2007, developing his role in the Services and Airports divisions. Within the Services division, he has held the role of CEO of Broadspectrum, Development director of the division and member of the boards of Amey, Tube Lines and Swissport. Within the Airports division, he has been a member of the boards of HAH and AGS, commercial director of Heathrow and director of Airports at BAA. Before joining Ferrovial, he developed his career at McKinsey and Enel.