Amey was named as Network Rail’s sole supplier on the Civil Examinations Framework Agreement (CEFA). The five-year contract sees inspection work undertaken by Amey’s 100-strong team of Examination, Technical, Engineering and support. In Scotland, this work includes inspection of the iconic Forth Rail Bridge.

The examinations we carry out, whether a quick visual check, or a full examination allow our engineers to make recommendations to Network Rail on what repair work may need to be carried out. From the highest bridges to the underwater elements of a structure, we check everything and use the latest technology to provide Network Rail with the information they need to look after their assets.

Through our membership of the prestigious Manufacturing Technology Centre, we’re finding new ways to carry out inspections without putting our engineers in harm’s way, such as aerial photography.

We also provide a 24/7 365 day per year on call service for incidents on the Railway Infrastructure - generally these involve the collision of a vehicle with a structure, known as “Bridge strikes” - so we can get everyone quickly moving again.