Amey Sersa

Amey and rail infrastructure company Rhomberg Sersa have a partnership to renew Switch and Crossings (S&C) on major cross-country routes across Scotland such as Edinburgh to Glasgow, as well as vital commuter routes that link Scotland with the rest of the UK, such as the East Coast Mainline. 

Switch and Crossings act as junctions on the rail network, guiding trains from one track to another and enabling lines to cross paths. Though AmeySersa’s ‘S&C Northern Alliance’ contract we’ll be repairing and renewing these to help keep the Scottish network running smoothly.

Rhomberg Sersa Rail is one of the most comprehensive railway technology companies in Europe. We are proud that we can combine their technology and innovation with our own engineering excellence and knowledge of the rail network.

We’re changing the way S&C renewals are carried out in the rail industry and our new thinking is set to deliver major savings for Network Rail and take our workers out of harm’s way through the use of new technology. For passengers, there’ll be less disruption to their journeys as we can get the job done more quickly than previous traditional methods allowed without compromising safety.