Protecting and enhancing the environment

The planet’s resources are not infinite; we need to safeguard them both today and for future generations.

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At the beginning of 2016 we set the environmental target - to reduce our Employee Carbon Rate by at least 2%.

We have set an environmental target that focusses our employees’ efforts to better manage our carbon emissions. To help our employees understand how they can help us meet this target we have developed the Amey Employee Carbon Rate (ECR). This calculates the value of carbon each of our employees emits in delivering our services to our customers.

In addition to the ECR, the our business units maintain a Balanced Environmental Scorecard (BES) that is made up from six key performance indicators which measure, each month, the environmental performance of the Business Units.

We understand that natural resources are vital to our existence. Our landscapes and wildlife are inseparable from our culture, and our health and well-being are closely linked to the quality of our air, water, soils and biological resources. We are committed to environmental best practice and have an Environmental Management System externally certified to ISO 14001 and an Energy Management System externally certified to ISO 50001 that has achieved an improved energy performance in our head dffice buildings in Oxford and Liverpool.

Climate change and our carbon emissions

Climate change and carbon management are increasingly important to us and our customers. We measure our carbon footprint and set an annual reduction target through the Amey Employee Carbon Rate, which helps us to understand our full impacts and reduce them.

The largest part of our company carbon emissions arise through our transport-related services. We have developed tools to support both our business and our customers in defining and managing vehicle emissions. We aim to:

  • Drive less – via route optimisation and the use of webinars and conference calls. To date, we have installed video-conferencing facilities at 49 UK locations
  • Drive better vehicles – reducing fuel consumption by using low carbon and high mpg vehicles
  • Drive better vehicles better – addressing driver behaviour to support efficient driving.

Training and awareness is essential in order to deliver our objectives. Our IEMA-accredited Carbon Management course for employees and customers is a great example of how we’re embedding consideration of carbon within planning and design.

Biodiversity and ecosystem services

We develop and implement numerous biodiversity action plans on our operational contracts. We use internal environmentalists from our consulting teams to undertake environmental impact assessments and we partner with local organisations, such as the Wildlife Trusts, Conservations Trusts and Groundwork.

Materials and resource efficiency

Sustainable consumption and production is about achieving economic growth whilst respecting environmental limits, finding ways to minimise damage to the natural world and making use of the earth's resources in a sustainable way. We are committed to obtaining materials that are ethically sourced and, where possible, made from reused or recycled content including:

  • FSC wood and timber
  • Recycled paper
  • 100% renewable energy
  • Recycling of aggregates for roads, for example, Foam Master
  • Use of rain water harvesting in our depots.