Energy management

Amey has saved tens of millions of pounds for its customers through energy reduction by using a combination of technology, best practice and behavioural campaigns that change people’s attitudes.

We understand the planet’s resources are finite, which makes protecting and enhancing the environment fundamental to our business. Climate change and carbon management have become increasingly important to us and our customers as we seek to understand and reduce our impact.

Across estates and buildings, our teams work closely with customers to develop energy survey programmes that identify energy saving options. These include lighting, fabric enhancements and voltage optimisation. We also ensure our employees are trained to raise the profile and explain opportunities for energy and cost savings.

Using data from our systems we analyse and compare energy consumption, benchmarking the buildings we manage to identify potential unusual performance and agreeing programmes to mitigate impending problems.

Award winning approach

Amey was awarded the Home Office Supplier of the year award in 2011 for our energy saving initiatives, from over 5,000 suppliers who also provide services to the department.

Our improvements achieved a payback of less than two years on capital investment deployed and resulted in improved customer satisfaction scores.

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