LGBTA network

Amey is creating a business where everyone feels supported and encouraged to be themselves. Our LGBTA (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgendered and allies) network supports our LGBT employees. It is essential to our becoming a truly diverse company where everyone’s contribution and individuality is valued equally.

Creating a culture of equality

When our employees do well, it helps our business grow too. By helping forge stronger bonds within teams and fostering equal opportunities for everyone, a strong culture is created where difference is valued and respected. We know that we have some way to go before this culture is a reality for all of our LGBT employees so we’re encouraging people to come together in our network that will promote equal opportunities for everyone.  

Our code of ethics

All our employees sign up to our Code of Ethics, which explains how we promote diversity, inclusion and human rights, and do not tolerate any kind of harassment, bullying or discrimination.  We're committed to achieving an inclusive working environment which values diversity. We treat all employees, job applicants and other people we come into contact with, fairly and equally, regardless of sexual orientation. 

Working with experts

Our partners in creating the LGBTA network are OUTstanding, the leading lesbian, gay, bi-sexual and transgender network in the UK. OUTstanding work to help remove the barriers that can obstruct LGBT people from rising to the top of organisations. You can read more about them at


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