Rail Business Awards 2015

The S&C North Alliance - Amey’s partnership with Rhomberg-Sersa and Network Rail to renew switches and crossings (S&C) in the North – won the Engineering Business Excellence award at the Rail Business Awards 2015.

The award recognises the innovative approach to S&C renewals which significantly reduces safety risks and the duration of network possessions (the length of time needed to keep a track closed for works) resulting in minimum disruption and considerable savings.

Switches and Crossings are essential in allowing trains to be guided onto different tracks and for tracks to cross paths, thereby creating the rail ‘network’ that we rely on to travel across the UK.

Amey provides design expertise through our Consulting business as well as delivering renewals in joint venture with Rhomberg-Sersa, who are recognised as Europe’s most comprehensive rail technology firm.

The Alliance was also named as a finalist for the Rail Business of the Year award – the shortlist for the award is put together from category winners and not announced until the awards night itself – but we narrowly missed out.

A trusted and reliable partner

Lee Jones, Sector Director for Rail and Metro Operations, said: “At a time when our customers need to deliver first-class customer service whilst facing strong financial challenges, this is a clear demonstration that Amey is a trusted, reliable partner that they can work with.”

The S&C Alliance has previously been recognised with industry awards for its work in Scotland. It successfully re-opened a section of the East Coast Mainline at its full line-speed of 90mph – a UK first – following a new approach to renewals work.

This prevented delays to around 500 trains on a vital commuter route with the new techniques now being successfully used elsewhere on the network.