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What we do

Amey works with public and regulated sector clients to help create better places to live, work and travel. We are the faces behind the services you use each day whether it be the roads, the railways, schools, waste disposal, airports or the power you use to fuel your home. In fact almost everybody in the UK will use at least one Amey service today.

Amey operates over 320 contracts, providing an unrivalled range of services including utilities, highways, waste management, rail, justice solutions, social housing and facilities management. Services are underpinned by our leading consulting and asset management capabilities, which allow us to offer stand-alone or integrated service solutions to a range of clients.

What makes us different is that:

  • We listen and work closely with our clients to understand their challenges.
  • We then help define the solution that is right for them using our asset management capabilities to maximise value from infrastructure.
  • We solve problems drawing on our breadth of knowledge and experience.
  • We can, finally, deliver varied service solutions that are right for the communities we serve.

In every sector and with every service, we can be relied on to deliver the right solution at the best value.

Consulting   Highways Infrastructure
  Propert and Facilities Management

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Read Amey’s corporate brochure which provides an overview of our business and the services we provide.

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