Birmingham Highways Maintenance and Management Service

Amey is responsible for improving and maintaining Birmingham Highways infrastructure, including 2,500km of road network, nearly 100,000 street lights and over 850 highway structures and bridges across the city. Additionally, we deliver a wider Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) element within the contract that aims to benefit the local community through various initiatives.

The contract has a 25 year service delivery period which includes the improvement and repair of roads in Birmingham, maintenance of footways, bridges, street lighting and traffic signals along with the upkeep of street scenery, such as safety barriers, seats and trees.

By working in partnership with Birmingham City Council, we are delivering a step change of improvements to the city’s highways network over the first five years (2010-2015) to remove any backlog of work and increase standards. With this process now part way through, the city has already benefited from major results that include over 10,000 LED light fittings and three million square meters of reconstructed footways.

After the initial five year investment period, we will maintain the infrastructure at this improved standard for a further 20 years. Our team will also be working closely with Birmingham City Council’s Highways service to reduce congestion and improve safety as well as supporting the council’s overall traffic management strategy for the city’s road network.

Our CSR extends widely across the contract which has seen initiatives such as working closely with the Duke of Edinburgh Awards Scheme to offer our apprentices the chance to develop their personal skill set and enhance their attitudes and experiences through a professional qualification that is highly regarded in the workplace. Amey has taken on 18 apprentices on the contract, some of whom have already graduated to permanent positions.

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